Outcomes Measurement

Outcomes Management for your organisation

While Excel and paper-and-pen methods used to be the go-to management and reporting methods, today there are better options for nonprofit reporting.

Learn how to confidently measure and report on your organisations’ success. Apricot’s intuitive, solutions-based platform makes outcomes reporting easy, no matter your level of technical expertise. Track what matters and satisfy multiple funders requests. Collaborate with ease and prove every impact.

Apricot clients better understand what goes into a successful outcome plan and how to increase successes each year. They tells us they are able to make informed decisions about where to allocate resources for future programming. It is possible to compare data across projects. Outcome strands can be mixed and matched across their organisation and affiliates. 

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"Apricot software goes beyond case management needs and
 gives us the ability to clearly communicate the impact of our organisation. Apricot offers a variety of services giving us the ability to put a large focus on outcomes and community impact. We can better understand what goes into a successful outcome plan and how to increase our successes each year." Michelle Dawson, Living Life Service Manager, Middlebrough & Stockton Mind

Simplify Outcomes Reporting

Apricot provides a completely flexible, customisable toolset that gives you the ability to create outcomes reports of any kind, for any funder, at no additional cost to your organisation.

The Apricot Report Tools and Report Builder employ best-practice business intelligence, including options for multiple filters and filter logic, multiple data grouping layers, instant duplicated and non-duplicated service counts, sophisticated date and numeric calculations, and instant graphing tools - all of which can be designed, managed and utilised without extensive technical knowledge. All reports are ad-hoc and fully customisable using easy drag-and-drop tools, can draw on any combination of data in the system, and can be filtered to show the exact information needed.

Additionally, Apricot’s Report Tools include step-by-step Outcomes Management tools to monitor client and program progress, as well as drill-down ability to access source data for auditing purposes. Apricot’s drill-down reporting allows for client-level outcome data to be rolled up to group, site and agency-wide levels.

Consulting and Training for Your Outcomes Database

Gallery offers a variety of free and low-cost consultancy packages, providing your organisation with assistance in developing your data collection and reporting to easily prove your impact and impress your funders.

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