What is Labyrinth?


Labyrinth - for Cath Labs is a specialist software application to manage the scheduling and tracking of patients through their individual procedures and thus improve Cath Lab management and efficiencies.

The system presents a 'dashboard' of real-time data at each stage, including factors such as 'Time-eaten', Tests with their Results and Dosage data, which allows Labs and Wards an instant overview of patient status, in order to manage the process more effectively.

Comprehensive, time-stamped management information is simultaneously collected for subsequent analysis.

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  • Labyrinth -for Cath Labs imports the Day list by integrating with your current administration system
  • Staff record each patient's progress through their procedure with a simple mouse-click, which time-stamps each completed stage, keeping all information in real time
  • The status of these stages is displayed on a single screen, which can be selected by Lab, Ward or Procedure
  • A Summary screen gives an overview of all patients
  • An on-screen alert identifies delays and problems
  • Data is recorded automatically within the process, for later Management Reporting

Labyrinth sits very easily alongside your Patient or Hospital Administration system, avoiding duplication of data and yet providing the tailor-made solution a Cath Lab really requires.

The information for the Day's list is imported from your Appointment or CVIS system overnight, within an automated routine.
Additions (eg Emergencies) and Amendments to the List (eg re-scheduling) during the day are easily handled by manual inclusions and editing.

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All Patient data held are non-clinical, with the ability to monitor pre-meds, eating status, test data results and dosage levels.

The important factor is that data only has to be collected once, with the ability to use in any subsequent list manipulation or your reporting process.

Because patient scheduling records are held within Labyrinth, any amendment to timings or location on the day can be easily be accommodated .

For example, one patient, originally scheduled for PCI fails to arrive, so another can be brought forward.
Alternatively, one Lab may finish a procedure earlier than anticipated and the next patient on their list isnt ready. Another patient (compatible with the skills within the relevant Lab) can be brought forward from another Lab's list, to avoid delays.

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Each stage of a procedure is recorded with a simple mouse-click. This time-stamps their status and is apparent in real-time to all relevant staff.
This highly visual environment offers an overview of status by Patient, Lab or Ward.

The Management Reporting module is a substantial element of the software, with a large variety of reports already available on installation.

For example, Reports can be run with a wide variety of variables.....

VIEW OUR NEW WEBSITE HERE: www.labyrinth.software

and information can be presented in a variety of styles (including PDF and XLS).....