Client Spotlight - Middlesbrough & Stockton Mind

Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind have been using Apricot for 18 months. The feedback is that Apricot has allowed their organisation to sustain considerable growth. Not only do they use Apricot as a case management tool, they use it to gather the statistics to support their successes and clearly communicate the impact their organisation is making. They tell us they now understand what goes into a successful outcome plan and how to increase successes each year. 

Indeed in 2015 M&SM were awarded an additional six million pounds of Lottery funding for the "Aging Better" programme, so have purchased an additional Apricot to run it and collaborate with other agencies working on the same programme. Their projects are individual and separate from each other and they are designed to meet the needs of different people in different ways. They needed a flexible database with the ability to go above and beyond building customised forms and data reports. They needed software which can be tailored fit their specific needs and workflow.

One of the things that made Apricot stand out from other software available is that M&SM would have the ability to enable clients, stakeholders and volunteers to access reports, histories, actions, and updates. With this collaboration capability, Apricot has streamlined and automated the way the team shared information, determine outcomes and serve their clients. Our data is now accessible at everyone's fingertips.

Apricot has allowed M&SM to improve the organisation of their case management work load. It is simple to use and fits their processes beautifully. They tell us they can capture everything they need to. It is easy to catch up after time off. Working with other projects is much easier as everything can be held in one system. There is no longer any need to collate statistics every month for reports as the reports just trundle out of the system.

The service level data is available which allows them to track their organisations' activity and respond quickly. Apricot has all of this information readily available by capturing information from intake to outcomes, which is done so no piece of information falls through the cracks. They can analyse staff performance data at the touch of a button. The clinical audits are much easier. They can produce reports for commissioners and stakeholders.

Apricot software goes beyond case management needs and gives M&SM the ability to clearly communicate the impact of the organisation. Apricot offers a variety of services giving the ability to put a large focus on outcomes and community impact. They can better understand what goes into a successful outcome plan and how to increase successes each year. By receiving these insights, they are able to make better-informed decisions about where resources should be allocated for future programming. Apricot allow them to understand fully who they are working with. They compare data across projects. They can mix and match outcome strands in line with their seven organisational outcomes. They are better able to identify strategic operational, technical, and outcome-based objectives, so that they can maximise our technology's capabilities to meet the organisation's outcomes, data collection, and reporting needs.  And finally all of this saves the organisation money.

Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind

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