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You may have noticed that we've recently completed a rebuild of our website. We felt that, what with all the super sites we've been building for our clients, our own site was deserving of some fresh attention.

We have been using Drupal 7 for all our clients' sites for a while now, but our own site was still on Drupal 6. Rather than do a straight upgrade we opted to build a fresh site and to import our existing content into it. This allowed us to ensure we were using the latest and most appropriate Drupal modules for the site's needs, and thanks to the Node Export and Feeds modules the migration progress was a doddle.

Probably the 'snazziest' feature of our new site is its mobile responsive theme, which means that the page adjusts its size depending on the size of the screen it is being displayed on. Mobile devices get an easy to read narrow view, and the display scales up appropriately all the way to a beautiful widescreen mode (for any CEOs who may be reading the site on a massive monitor). Using a responsive layout is a very cost efficient way of achieving a mobile site, and has proved popular with our clients (you can see it in action over at City Philanthropy for example).

There are numerous other bells and whistles, all of which were designed to make navigating the site a breeze for users, and for the content to be easily managed by our hard working Marketing Co-ordinator, Vicki.

If you have any queries about your own organisation's website, do give us a shout and we'll be happy to have a chat with you.

Responsive mobile design comparison

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