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Westminster Amalgamated Charity Logo

Westminster Amalgamated Charity in its present form dates from 1961 following the amalgamation of seven existing Westminster charities. The aim of the Charity today is to continue the activity common to all the predecessor charities, namely the relief of need in Westminster by way of grants, both for individuals and for organisations

Keith Rea CEO and Julia Moorcroft Grants Administrator, tell us about their experience working with Gallery.

“Keith personally researched long and hard to find a grant administration solution that was right for us at the time and that could also grow with us, yet kept finding software solutions that were either far too complex and expensive for us or were too basic. Finally, his research led us to Gallery’s Benefactor product and in August 2008 they came to demo it at our offices. It was immediately obvious that this was the right solution for us and we had no hesitation in buying it, especially since we found the Gallery team to be so friendly and helpful as well as being experts in the field of charity software. 

The great thing about Benefactor for a growing grant-making organisation like WAC is that almost 10 years after we first started using it, the software is still absolutely fit for purpose – in fact, we’re not sure we’ll ever exploit its full capability – Julia regularly meets much bigger organisations who also use Benefactor at Gallery’s lively and useful user group meetings.”

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Peter Minet & Idlewild Trust Logo

The Peter Minet Trust aims to improve the quality of life for people living in the inner city boroughs of South East London, It does this by making grants to UK registered charities that run social welfare, health, cultural and community projects, working with people of all ages who are in need. The Idlewild Trust support programmes that address the lack of opportunities for those involved creatively in the arts

"I am the Director of two-grant-giving trusts and am a solo worker using Benefactor as well as a range of Office Software. I spoke to Gallery Partnership, our software suppliers, about a broad range of tasks, functions and reports I needed to learn about and develop, both with our Grants Management software and regular Excel, Word etc-this ranged from the very basic (labels!) to more advanced Excel, to developing Benefactor report-writing skills. Gallery Partnership and it's consultant, Valerie recommended a 1:1 training session. It was brilliant! I emailed Valerie a wide variety of very specific training needs ahead of time and over the course of just a few hours I learnt how perform time-saving function I'd been meaning to learn for years, as well as write some very specific Benefactor/Excel reports that will enable me to analyse our data as part of a strategic review I am leading. Along the way, I also picked up a whole range of useful Office and Benefactor tips that have made a huge difference already. Valerie was highly focused on my list of tasks and succeeded in understanding my particular needs and organisation very quickly."  

Rachel Oglethorpe | Director, The Peter Minet and The Idlewild Trust

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Refugee action

 In 2015, Refugee Action faced a major step-change, moving from one major national contract to a series of 19 multi-national, complex projects that required a complete strategic rethink of how to manage the business requirements. This is where Gallery Partnership were able to work with Refugee Action to establish the best way forward for the are -  not just in terms of the software and database requirements but also the complex access and reporting systems they were going to need.

 “We needed a system that could be accessed from anywhere, not just from our own servers. Increasingly, our organisation needed to be able to access files and documents in the Cloud, from wherever they were based, easily and quickly, on laptops, tablets, and mobile phones – Refugee Action often operates nowadays from the middle of nowhere! This is one of the key benefits we identified which Apricot upheld....we needed this access without compromising security whilst maintaining the highest quality standards, including data protection and GDPR the full story 

Ali Jasim, National Facilities Manager and Senior Services Administrator

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Middlesbrough & Stockton MInd

"Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind are affiliated to 'Mind', the National Association for Mental Health and we work within the policies and quality standards of Mind. We offer lots of different mental health-related services and deliver multiple projects. Our projects are individual and separate from each other and are designed to meet the needs of different people in different ways. We needed a flexible database, with the ability to go above and beyond building customised forms and data reports. We needed software which can be tailored to fit our specific needs and workflow.

One of the things that made Apricot stand out from other software currently available is that our organisation will have the ability to enable authorised clients, stakeholders and volunteers to access their own reports, histories, actions, and updates. With this collaboration capability, Apricot has streamlined and automated the way our team shares information, determines outcomes and serves clients. Our data is now accessible at everyone’s fingertips."

Michelle Dawson, Living Life Service Manager

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OPCC Thames Valley Police Logo

The Office of the Police Crime Commissioner for the Thames Valley (‘OPCC’) is one of the 41 organisations set up with responsibility for the totality of policing.

The PCC’s aim is to cut crime and deliver an effective and efficient police service within their respective force areas, holding the Chief Constable and force to account, effectively making policing more accountable.

Edward Fitzpatrick | Victims First Hub Manager, Shona Morrison | Policy Manager

“Thames Valley OPCC began using Apricot to recruit, select, evaluate and approve specialist counsellors and by receiving victims’ referrals from external partner organisations to the OPCC Specialist Counsellor Service. The flexibility of Apricots functionality has been utilised within a central and secure system to manage this service.  This recruitment and referral approach have saved Thames Valley a substantial amount of administration time as the data is already entered into the system during the application and referral process, through a secure online webform.  Thames Valley now have a real-time view of all the services being provided and are able to track progress and performance.”  Explains Shona

Apricot’s scalable and flexible nature has enabled Thames Valley OPCC to expand their use of Apricot into their “Victim’s First” hub and where required to respond effectively to developing and emerging needs. This is kept separate from the Specialist Counselling Service with user permissions, thereby minimising cost and increasing the full story.

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Just for Kids Law Case StudyJust for Kids Law is a UK charity that works with and for children and young people to hold those with power to account and fight for wider reform by providing legal representation and advice, direct advocacy and support, and campaigning to ensure children and young people in the UK have their legal rights and entitlements respected and promoted. Just for Kids Law provide holistic support tailored to individual needs, backed up by legal support. 

Joel Carter | Programmes Director, explains why their organisation decided to seek out an alternative option to their current Case Management System as their organisation expanded.

“We had a database for 4 years that was our first database which was kind of OK at the time but we, as an organisation grew quite a lot over time and it wasn’t very adaptable - it was cheap and rigid. We had lots of different types of work and needed something that tied everything together as we have many teams within Just for Kids Law, including face to face delivery team, Youth, Casework and Legal team.”
“Compared to our last database Apricot is bespoke and designed around our needs, it has helped us determine and think up with a new way of how we could structure our client pathway, this being something we had not explored before. We are a lot clearer about the reporting and what actual data we are getting from Apricot. We used to have to make do with what we could get rather than thinking it through from the beginning, in terms of how the data entry was structured and entered. Now we can be confident in the information we are getting out of the system and have full control of building reports. It is much better than our previous system due to its flexibility......" Read the full story

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Nordoff Robbins logo

When the member of staff responsible for IT decided to move on from Nordoff Robbins, the charity took the opportunity to re-evaluate and consider the best practice for IT support and improvement.

A full Tender process to identify attractive supply alternatives was conducted, with the outcome being a decision to outsource to the Gallery Partnership:

If we hadn’t outsourced, finding a suitable candidate for an in-house role and training them up on our heavily be-spoked systems within the time available presented significant risks. Plus we would still have required external cover for periods of absences."

said Director of Finance and Resources, Chris Dew.

The fact that Gallery already supports many charities, their straightforward approach when presenting to colleagues and their cultural fit with our values and ways of working were significant factors in choosing them...." Read the full story.

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Torbay Community Development Trust Logo       Ageing Well Uk Logo

 Established following discussions with over 100 voluntary sector representatives, The Torbay Community Development Trust (Torbay CDT) was formed with the intention of making Torbay a place where all people feel included.  The Trust empowers communities, building on strengths and skills through Asset-Based Community Development.

Ageing Well Torbay is the six-year project aiming to reconnect communities and reduce social isolation amongst the 50+ generation across Torbay.

Sarah Warren | AWT Learning Officer, talks about her experience using Apricot.

Through using Apricot, there is a significant beneficial difference throughout the organisation, whereby individual projects are able to report on their own progress and managers have the ability to look at the wider picture; all obtainable from one source.

The ease of reporting makes our funding and quarterly tracking remarkably quicker and clearer for all of us to see; allowing us to understand whether we are achieving our set objectives, and the areas we need to refocus our efforts on....."Read the full story

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"The fact that Gallery already supported many charities, their straightforward approach when presenting to colleagues and their cultural fit with our values and ways of working were significant factors in choosing them

Director of Finance and Resources, Nordoff Robbins

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