Our Culture

Our company’s culture is encapsulated in our values:

Creating Tangible Value
Exceptional service and value to be achieved through long term future-focused client relationships founded on clearly defined deliverables and consistent information.

Self-confidence, professional pride and job satisfaction in a fun, flexible, and relaxed environment that emphasises work-life balance.

Simplicity and Order
Exceptional performance delivering realistic, clearly communicated and documented goals by using straightforward planned processes and approaches.

Celebrating and broadcasting the results of our collective efforts.

These values enable us to build and maintain a great working relationship with our Clients because:

· We’re passionate about providing great service, so we’ll work closely with you to gain a thorough understanding of your needs
· We’ll listen, so we’ll deliver the system you want, not an out-of-the-box, generic system
· We enjoy and take pride in what we do, so we’ll go that extra mile to keep you happy
· We focus on simplicity, so we don’t talk jargon, and we don’t assume knowledge
· We’ll keep you up to date every step of the way, so you’ll always know how your implementation is going
· We value long-term relationships, so we’ll be there for you as your organisation changes and develops

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Gallery Partnership have been offering cost-effective IT solutions, with specialist software and services to UK Charities, for over 20 years. Our solutions have been developed from years of experience in the sector.

Your IT infrastructure can enhance or hinder your organisation's effectiveness - we ensure that you improve your efficiency and control your costs!

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To consistently deliver great value, robust technology products and reliable, responsive support services, that empower our clients to focus on their core activities.


To be a trusted provider of technology solutions, designed to drive our clients’ success today and every day.

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Green policy

It's a fragile world! In order to operate our business in as environmentally-friendly a manner as possible, we have taken the following steps to reduce our environmental footprint.

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  • We minimise our use of paper internally by storing data electronically, where possible operating a paper-free office.
  • Clients can opt to receive all invoices and statements electronically-more energy and carbon efficient than sending hard copies
  • All of our packaging materials are recycled
  • We continually reduce the amount of landfill waste produced by staff, by not using plastic water cups and encouraging paper recycling.
  • We choose to source our materials from suppliers who operate in an environmentally friendly manner and are geographically local to us, reducing delivery miles.
  • Our staff always opt to use public transport.
  • Our consumption of fuel and energy is closely monitored and we take care that it is not wasted through inefficiency or casualness.