Project Approach

Evolutionary Development

Our Gallery Partnership Project Team follows the process of a quality review.

"Evolutionary development" is often the best way of proceeding with large-scale projects' development and is based on the iterative principle of a single step forward – feedback – adapt and proceed – feedback – adapt and proceed – and so on.

By conscious and full exploitation of evolutionary ideas, we can not only exercise far greater control over the risk elements, but we can also gain other important benefits such as improved project integrity and efficiency.

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Project Initiation

The Gallery Partnership takes a great deal of care in setting up new Projects for both software implementations and Service solutions.

First steps include conducting the Initial Planning Meeting with the responsible management and stakeholders, presenting our approach, timescales and also to identify any initial issues. This meeting will: 

  • confirm priorities within the deliverables 
  • identify areas that need a more detailed understanding 
  • identify the key staff and their roles
  • agree client responsibilities and engagement required 
  • conclude with the approval of the implementation and delivery plan in the form of a Project Initiation Documentation (PID). 

We create the 'Project Initiation Document" (PID) for each substantial new project undertaken, which documents key aspects, responsibilities and timescales for the work components. This is maintained by the Account Project Manager and periodically shared with relevant customer staff for sign-off.

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Project Implementation

Once the project is up and running, our main goal is to ensure that all tasks are completed within the planned timescales.

We adopt an agile approach to the implementation, working with key staff in a highly visual way through regular meetings (face to face and online), to demonstrate and discuss progress.  Continuity of system access during the configuration facilitates these discussions and ensures that the project maintains momentum.

Once final functional development is complete and historic data is available to the system, the beta delivery will be made available for testing and training sessions. It is in all our best interests to ensure that this education process is effective (to limit the requirement for support) and to allow you to continue development of your system.

With testing and training complete, the 'go-live' date is confirmed and the post launch support starts. The emphasis here is - open - honest - direct !

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