Case Management Software for Charities

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Taking Care of Case Management

Need an easier way to track the impact of your services?

Apricot offers a secureflexible and easy-to-use solution for everything from case management to volunteer tracking and reporting on programme performance.

The most affordable and flexible charity database software solution for small and mid-sized charities. 

One Purpose - Uniting People, Programmes and Outcomes to drive an ever-bigger impact. Differentiate your organisation by providing hard-hitting facts that help you win funding, refine your projects and plan new ones.

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Complete Web-Based Solution

Apricot can be accessed on any web based device.

Whether you are working from the office, at home, or providing vital services within the community; you can connect to Apricot  - eliminating the burden and security risks of manual administration.

Customisability & Quick Configuration

Work dynamically with Apricot's intuitive platform.  The ability to build, edit and modify forms quickly with a sophisticated drag 'n' drop function, along with complete control to customise fields, dashboards and menus, allow you to work in your own way - instead of a prescribed work flow.


Duplicate Prevention & Record Linking

Link individuals to family records, schedule appointments, process service referrals or handle programme enrolment, with ease and peace of mind that Apricot's duplicate prevention function will eliminate any manual error, providing cleaner data and clearer analysis.

Centralised Client, Service & Activity Tracking

Manage donor, staff and volunteer data combined with service delivery across multiple programmes, agencies and locations, from one central system. 

Security access permission sets ensure that all staff and volunteers see only necessary client data for their role and responsibility. 

Real Time Data & Live Reporting

Compile accurate and detailed analysis reports with the click of a mouse. Built-in progress evaluation and outcomes reporting pulled from real time data allows you to define and refine your objectives, helping you deliver more of your mission.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Built in multi-factor authentication provides greater control of client data while providing a streamlined, inexpensive method of security regardless of work location, whilst highly successful in combating cyber criminals.

AWS Hosted Security

Hosted on a best-in-class Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment, your data is secure, backed up, and ISO compliant. User-based permissions and detailed audit trails ensure secure access to data.

Expert Training & Consultancy

With over 20 years working with charities, our expert consultancy and training will provide you with all the guidance and knowledge required to get you "up and running" with a tailored system to suit your organisation's requirements, budget and timescales

Comprehensive Support

We provide full comprehensive support from initial enquiry through to post implementation and beyond. Our friendly team are experts in their field and understand the importance of a reliable, secure and accessible solution.

We respond and resolve all support enquiries within 24 hours, prioritising urgent queries with a turnaround time of 30 minutes.

"There was a real need during the Covid-19 crisis to live track our activities and their results by running reports more regularly, including creating responsive dashboards. Being able to pull this live data considerably aided our response to Covid-19 funding applications. Normally, our applications have a long lead time and take quite a lot of time to prepare; however, being able to provide evidence in a short time frame for our fundraising marketing team has been really important in this situation. We’ve been so impressed with how quickly we have been able to gather this information.”
Louise Kermode, Head of Services
Jami UK