Case Management Software for Charities

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Taking Care of Case Management

Outputs, Outcomes and Impact measurement

Apricot offers a secure, flexible and easy-to-use solution for everything from case and donor management to volunteer tracking. It also enables easy outputs and outcomes management. It’s easy to increase efficiency and prove your impact with this comprehensive tool.

Apricot’s intuitive reporting platform allows users to create and share real-time reports securely in the system. 

This provides effective performance management, caseload details and evaluation reports.

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Usable and Secure

  • Apricot is a flexible solution which offers a high degree of customisation and can be easily adapted to meet changing business needs. It has a drag and drop design which makes it easy for your team to add and edit forms.  Case management and programme outcomes can be linked, tracked and reported on, so that impact can be easily proved for multiple funders.
  • Hosted on a best-in-class Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment, your data is secure, backed up, and ISO compliant. User-based permissions and detailed audit trails ensure secure access to data.

Apricot is fully configurable and does not force your staff to work within the confines of a prescribed workflow. It bridges the gap between the professional requirements that corporations need in a database and the Not-for-Profit requirements that charities need.

Apricot's visual and intuitive outcome tools are accessible to all levels of technical expertise, using standard Internet 'browsers' - any authorised user can get results.


Improve and Prove Impacts

Apricot unites people, programmes and measures to drive an ever-bigger impact.  It will help differentiate your organisation by providing hard-hitting facts that help you win funding, refine your programmes and plan new ones.

One purpose - uniting people, programmes and outcomes to drive an ever-bigger difference

  • Differentiate your organisation and story with hard-hitting facts that help you win funding and better inform donors.
  • Refine your programmes and plan new ones with evidence-based discipline.
  • Run more consistently and efficiently to replicate and expand impacts, even as resources change.
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35% reduction in time spent managing data

Specifically developed to meet the needs of third sector organisations, allowing you to confidently measure and report on your organisation's successes.

Apricot clients have access to many databases all in one. Your donor, staff and volunteer data can all be organised within Apricot. Back office functions can be combined with service delivery in one system, creating a very powerful and versatile reporting tool.

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40% reduction in time spent on reporting

A powerful, user-friendly, web-based nonprofit software – a flexible and robust data tracking and reporting system that helps measure how you are delivering your mission.

The ease of changing fields and creating new forms means that you can modify the system yourself quickly and confidently.

Apricot is here to help you do all this – and more – with ease.

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Focus on what matters

Apricot for Case Management manages service delivery across multiple programmes, agencies and locations, defining your outcomes.

As a customisable database, Apricot manages service delivery across multiple programmes, agencies and locations - specifically designed to your needs.

The dashboard, forms and menus are assembled to match your choices, with drag 'n' drop development techniques - a fully interactive approach to your system design. 

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Adapting to your own processes

Apricot is easily customisable to your processes. Whether you need to customise a report with drag and drop fields, prevent record duplication, link individuals to family records, schedule appointments, create or publish release forms, process service referrals or handle programme enrolment, Apricot has a solution.

Built-in progress evaluation and outcomes reporting, allows you to define and refine your objectives, helping you deliver more of your mission.

Apricot is easy and effective in use, because its configured and built as YOUR system.

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Convenient and Compliant

Apricot is accessible to case workers and other service providers in the office, at home or in the field, and is hugely secure wherever you are.

Security access permissions ensure that all staff and volunteers see only necessary client data, so you can be assured that your organisation is in compliance with all regulations.

Convenience and complete security – Apricot for Case Management makes it all possible.

“I chose Apricot for our Case Management solution because it is simple to use and easy to adapt. It also has an excellent reporting function, which is fundamental if we are to use the data we collect effectively.
The implementation process went very smoothly. The training given was well received and we all valued Gallery’s continued presence when we logged in for the first time. Feedback from staff so far is that they love it!”
Tanya Harris