Adapting Our services using Apricot during Covid-19

Adapting Our services using Apricot during Covid-19

Case study

Jami UK are the specialist provider of mental health services within the Jewish community, based in London. They support around 1,300 people at any one time, delivering approximately 27,000 separate provisions of service annually and reaching many thousands through their community education.

Jami have been using Apricot Case Management software since 2012, to monitor and track their impact.  During the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, they, like many charities, had to swiftly adapt their processes and ways of working in order to keep delivering their crucial services.

Fortunately, Gallery Partnership’s previous training, along with a series of support calls, aided Jami through this challenge; equipping the team with the knowledge and tools required to make these changes within Apricot.

“When Covid -19 hit, it gave us a real opportunity to make some really quick responsive changes within Apricot. We made decisions which would normally have taken quite a bit longer to implement, depending on where they fitted within our overall strategy”  explains Louise Kermode, Head of Services.

“One of the first things we did was to alter some of the forms we used daily, such as our duty and intake form. This helped us manage the way we processed referrals in response to the restrictions put in place by COVID-19.

We altered the forms so we could automatically send people through to our telephone support, or to our “lunch and door -
step chats” delivery service, which enables us to provide a check-in service to those most vulnerable.

By making these changes, we were not only easily able to track who came to us post Covid-19, but by adding a simple tick box, we could see whether the current situation was impacting on their mental health, enabling us to do some research on the effects of Covid-19 and mental health. These changes also allowed us to respond quickly to immediate needs.

Furthermore, Apricot’s flexible interface allowed Jami to quickly add and amend current live forms to reflect their revised services due to the pandemic.”

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