Self Management UK - Our Experience with Gallery Partnership

Self Management UK - Our Experience with Gallery Partnership

Case study

Self Management UK are a charity providing support and education to people with long-term health conditions. Their education courses are designed to give the right support at the right time in the right place to people with long-term conditions and their Carers.

They needed a solution to combat their outdated system whilst ensuring their security requirements complied with the NHS Data Security & Protection toolkit.

“We had been burdened by an unnecessarily complex I.T system that whilst had functioned, became cumbersome and inefficient. In addition, our I.T system was coming to the end of its supported life and at considerable expense would need replacing. Physical servers would need replacing by the end of the year at a cost of thousands of pounds and Microsoft would cease supporting Windows 7. By partnering with Gallery, we would create a brand new I.T system bringing it into the 21st century at the same cost as replacing our current system.

We also had to weigh up the options of the complexity of our current system particularly to ensure they comply with the NHS Data Security & Protection Toolkit Assessment (DSPT) criteria. To meet these criteria involves laptops configured to allow/ not allow certain functions which can run into hundreds of permissions being set. Thereby changing our entire system would have required thousands of individual changes!

One option was to issue laptops with a temporary build connected to our current network, however this would take a minimum of 2 weeks to configure the laptops to work on our current system. This would then have to be repeated once the Microsoft Office 365 cloud environment is developed, requiring us to recall every laptop and mobile phone, to reconfigure each one to work with the new system. As a result, I decided it better to get the I.T infrastructure built and then issue the laptops once.

Myself and Chris, interviewed a number of prospective suppliers from across the UK but The Gallery Partnership stood out from the rest. They are charity specific and clearly understood our needs more than any of the other providers. They recognised our data security requirements with a large number of their clients also required to comply with the Data Security & Protection Toolkit.

We have also been exploring ways to dramatically aid our work with for example, real time reporting of outcomes – making reporting to commissioners so much easier. The Gallery Partnership found us the perfect solution for this as well, in the form of Apricot Case Management software.

We have found The Gallery to be incredibly supportive and helpful and I certainly am looking forward to having them as a partner.”

Ian Silver | CEO

Chris Cooper | Operations

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