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All individuals and organisations need information – whether electronic or physical – to enable effective decision-making.

To help organisations make best use of their information, Gallery can set up, develop, maintain, secure, support and manage a wide variety of cloud-based information management systems. So whether you’re interested in email, document management, customer / donor relationship management, websites, or grant, case and outcomes management, Gallery can help you get the best out of your organisation’s information..

    - Everyone is kept informed -
    - No more redundant files -
    - Staff efficiency is improved -


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Cloud Systems

Using 'The Cloud'

The fundamental question - “Why is ‘the Cloud’ considered such a powerful proposition for managing information and communication processes? "

Information Technology solutions providers are always trying to persuade their clients that they should ‘upgrade’ or change to the ‘latest’ and ‘most powerful’ technology – surely ‘The Cloud’ is no different!

This time, however, it is different!!

There isn’t a single service provider who is not offering application solutions as ‘cloud-based’ - and for very good reasons.... the cost and productivity improvements are undeniable. Organisations of every size should plan to include this option for their future information management.

'Single source' information, the ability to share with authorised users and find relevant information directly, without the need to understand folder structures can save time and make information more available.

Document Management
Microsoft SharePoint

Information Management

We provide, configure and support the following:

Charity ShareCentre for document management using our configuration of Microsoft SharePoint
Email, Contacts, Calendars using Microsoft Outlook
Hosted desktop and virtual servers using Microsoft Azure
Desktop applications using Microsoft Office

At Gallery, we love solutions that allow you to work smarter and achieve more. That's why we're huge fans of Microsoft's Office 365, which we customise and configure to meet our client's requirements. 

Office 365 is a powerful IT solution that can transform the way your charity operates.

Whilst our cloud services do form a suite of complementary products, we are happy to tailor our products and services to your specification. When subscribing to any of our Cloud services, you’ll receive expert support and guidance from Gallery’s Helpdesk at every stage.

Charity ShareCentre
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Cost Effective

Today, there is a cloud version for almost everything relevant to both small and large organisations' IT investment.

  • Staff can work anywhere with an internet connection, increasing flexibility and generating substantial productivity gains.
  • Removal of redundant, expensive hardware.
  • Microsoft offer substantial discounts to not-for-profits using their cloud services, resulting in limited on-going expenditure for charities too.

The key phrase here is 'scalable'. Because you only pay for the volumes and availability you require, you not only avoid the expense of local file servers, but you can also scale up (and down) as your organisation requires.

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What is "The Cloud?"

Everyone's talking about "The Cloud" and how it has improved their ways of working and efficiency, but often fail to share what it actually is.....Simply put, cloud services are the delivery of computing services over the internet. Data and programs, stored in huge data centres, are accessed via the internet rather than via a computer hard drive. The ‘cloud’ is really just another word for the internet!

Because Gallery work with so many charities, with limited budgets to consider, our staff understand how to move IT systems and services into the Cloud every year cost effectively. When they’re 'in the Cloud', we keep our clients fully abreast of all relevant Microsoft enhancements - which often help save even more time and money.

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Cloud Security

  • Data centre security is top-notch. Microsoft, our cloud provider of choice, invests $1 billion dollars each year in cloud security and typically stops 1.5 million attempted cyber attacks every day.
  • Software updates are applied automatically and hardware failure becomes a thing of the past.
  • Lost and stolen laptops cease to be a major security risk, as the information previously held on them is all in the cloud. Devices such as phones, tablets and laptops can even be wiped remotely if required.

Learn more about Microsoft Azure Security here.

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Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint

Centralised Administration

MS Office 365 and SharePoint contain a centralised administration console, allowing managers to control the entire platform. Access to application management features, system settings, monitor SharePoint farms, perform backups and restorations, manage security settings, change general application settings and use configuration wizards - all from a single system.


Data security and integrity are fully supported by SharePoint. Site permissions, lists, folders, documents and web applications can include requiring users to checkout documents before editing, capturing all revisions to a document and recovery to original versions.

Why Office 365?
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MS SharePoint and 'Charity ShareCentre'


MS SharePoint allows employees to stay informed and connected through every stage of the life-cycle of a project or information exchange. SharePoint’s online, team-based collaboration means that information is consistent throughout the business and avoids the redundancy of duplicated material.

However, substantial effort is required at the implementation phase, in order to create a productive platform.

Gallery Partnership's 'Charity ShareCentre' offers the opportunity to overcome this difficulty and achieve a fast start, by providing the mechanism and structure to set up your customised site quickly.

Charity ShareCentre
“We are a registered charity, so we have to pay particular attention to balancing our budgets. Moving to the Cloud has allowed us to reduce IT costs and at the same time improve efficiency.
We love the increased mobility of working in the Cloud, where we can access emails and applications from any location we choose, on any of a wide range of devices.”
Ben Hindocha
The Magistrates Association