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 The Charity ShareCentre is a well organised, SharePoint based solution, which we configure to meet your organisation's exact needs.

You can choose to align ShareCentre with your core business areas. For example, you can have libraries for Administration, Communications, HR, Finance, Grants etc.. or any relevant theme or business area that suits.

We take you through the development phase, advising how to approach segmenting your company documents, creating a taxonomy (tag-set) and document migration. 

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Access Anywhere

Need to work from home, but forgot to take your work laptop home? No problem - just log onto Outlook Web Access to retrieve your e-mails, or SharePoint Online to grab important documents before your Skype for Business meeting. Be free from the constraints of a File Server and Remote Desktop.

Your users are no longer tied down to a single device, or a single network. Imagine a world where you can access your e-mail, documents, contacts, and intranet, from any browser on any device on any internet connection.


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What is MS SharePoint?

SharePoint is the leading (and highly sophisticated) solution for managing information in the cloud.

With files accessible to any authorised user, whether within the office or outside (eg volunteers), you can be sure that the current version of a document is available to all immediately. It also ensures that there is no redundant effort, where different people work on the same material, but in different file locations - increasing the organisation's efficiency.

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What is Charity ShareCentre?

Charity ShareCentre is .... Gallery Partnership's solution for long-term value by creating a fast start, template.....

SharePoint is a highly functional, but complex web-based document management platform from Microsoft.

We have created a special configuration for our charity clients, which is well organised and user-friendly. We call this the Charity "ShareCentre" which brings people together into one shared online space.

You can store your organisation’s working documents, such as letters, spreadsheets, images, videos, invoices, financial and staff information. You can also access your emails, contacts, share calendars and publish news.

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What is MS Office 365?

Office 365 is...........Microsoft's leading cloud management system, embracing an extensive array of valuable tools, including your email, calendar, contacts and the full Office suite - as well as a whole host of supplementary applications, making up the most comprehensive package of cloud based solutions available.

As a cloud-based subscription service, Office 365 brings together the best tools for the way people work today. By combining best-in-class apps like Excel and Outlook with powerful cloud services like OneDrive and Microsoft Teams, Office 365 lets anyone create and share anywhere on any device.

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Storage 'aplenty'!

Worried about storage? SharePoint includes a massive 1TB of storage. Purchased with an Office 365 account, each employee receives an additional 1TB of storage in their personal OneDrive.

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Ensuring 'Findability'

Create your unique organisational taxonomy. This is crucial to finding your docs later.

A specially configured, fast and robust search centre tool searches document content, title and taxonomy. This, plus added search refiners allow you to locate your documents quickly without even having to access your individual libraries.

 ‘Created by’ & 'Modified by' columns ensure users can always find their documents.

Users can create their own Library Views to return the documents produced only by them.

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Managing users

Configure permission access to individual document libraries. You can choose to have sensitive libraries like HR and Finance accessible to designated staff only.

It is possible to grant access to external users groups like Trustees or Volunteers.
'SubSites' with multiple libraries, depending on your needs mean access can be granted to these areas only, so that they have their own working area within your site.