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Document Management in the Cloud

The days of stored documents on computer hard drives are a thing of the past and holding documents on-premises can lead to huge security risks.

Today, individuals and organisations are increasingly turning to cloud-based systems not only for peace of mind and extra capacity, but accessibility, flexibility, and document management to name a few perks!

MS SharePoint, in particular, includes an entire package of tools - such as OneDrive, Notes, Teams Workflow - as well as all the familiar Office software applications such as Excel and Word.

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Using Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Office 365’s cloud-based SharePoint is a fantastic solution for an organisation’s document management.

Gallery has created Charity ShareCentre, a special version of SharePoint that dramatically reduces the time and resources your organisation needs to get up-and-running with cloud-based document management.

As with OneDrive, documents, spreadsheets, pictures and videos stored in Charity ShareCentre are more secure, more resilient and more easily accessible and shared than those stored on an on-premise file server.

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MS OneDrive and the Cloud

Although extremely easy to use, MS SharePoint can be time consuming to initially configure.....Avoid a labour-intensive set up and let us take the burden off your hands

Gallery Partnership have developed a fast-start : low-cost solution (called 'Charity ShareCentre'),  enabling you to enjoy the advanced levels of functionality available, without having to invest in detailed understanding of the system's techniques.

We can implement the whole range Microsoft Office 365’s cloud-based systems, including OneDrive for your staff’s personal document storage.

Documents stored in the cloud, mean a lost or stolen device (or one that you’ve split a mug of tea on) no longer leads to document loss or security breach.

Inclusive of:

  • A whopping 1TB of storage space
  • Access your documents from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Ease of sharing documents, spreadsheets, pictures and videos with others 

OneDrive is our favourite way of managing personal information storage.

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Which Provider?

With a wide range of 'cloud-based information management systems such as Google Doc and Dropbox it is often tempting to go for what appears to be the simplest or familiar, however this can often have longer term repercussions.

This prompts the fundamental question;

"How can we get the full functionality and longer term benefits of using an 'industrial strength' system like SharePoint, but with the ease of setup that is offered by its more limited competitors?"

This is where Gallery Partnership and 'Charity ShareCentre' come in - we configure a fully functional SharePoint system to your data environment - taking the 'pain' out of the setup and supporting you for a further 12 months. Plus, being first hand users of the Microsoft Office Suite, we pride ourselves in providing expert knowledge and advice. 

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Our Solution

Our configuration of SharePoint; 'Charity ShareCentre' is designed specifically for our charity clients, which brings people together into one shared online space - you can store and retrieve  your organisation’s working documents. You can also access your emails, contacts, share calendars and publish news.

SharePoint provides the foundation for your long term information strategy, with libraries created with your own 'taxonomy' - also called 'TermSets.  

No longer do you have to know which drive or folder is holding the information before you look - because the system has a dynamic 'Search Centre', responding to the relevant search term.

Our low cost, templated approach, include setting up your users with official Office 365 licences and 'single sign-on' capability.