Is it good to talk?

Is it good to talk?


Is it good to talk?

Most associate the idiom “it’s good to talk” with a famous telecoms provider, because our natural instinct is to communicate verbally. However, we now often work in a more silent and solitary manner, thanks to the wealth of information resources on the internet, where the ability to process information much more rapidly raises expectations of an “immediate response”.

There is obviously nothing wrong with digital assessments and certainly the internet has revolutionised the way we operate. However, when it comes to business decisions, the flood of information can be a distraction.

Consider this example of a Charity leader. Their current IT infrastructure is just not keeping up with their expanding organisation. They know that whatever the solution is, it needs to be cloud-based and they are under pressure from their commissioners to make security a priority. They’ve done their research but, quite honestly, the technical jargon is rather beyond their expertise – they are outsourcing for a reason and have more pressing issues to deal with.

Luckily, they have found several IT service providers they think could help but their Board meeting is next week. With time of the essence, this person will request quotes and recommend the one closest to the budget. They may believe that there isn’t time for telephone calls to discuss requirements in more depth. Or is there; could it be that if they did, they would in fact be saving themselves time and money in the long run?

Sound Familiar?

An IT company can easily supply quotes, but do they really understand how your organisation operates and collects sensitive data? Cheap IT support may look appealing on paper, but a simple firewall failure could result in a GDPR breach, costing thousands - and your reputation.

Let’s say they present to the board and chose a provider who seems to fit the bill based on their “quote.” Later, however, they discover additional costs that weren’t previously mentioned -now they’re back to square one. Additional time is wasted in research, emails and presentations, time that could have been spent on more imperative matters; all for an earlier 15 min phone call!

A reputable IT provider will ask you the right questions to provide you with an appropriate solution. A common concern is that IT companies will try to upsell a more expensive option.
An honest provider who has a longstanding presence working with charitable organisations, will always consider needs, budget and timescale.

Communication is key.  A short conversation will provide your Partner with enough information to take a holistic approach to your IT service and an ability to deliver tangible value.

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