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Benefactor streamlines administration and creates significant advantages for the grant maker. It controls all aspects of the funding process, from initial request, through assessment and recommendations, to authorisation, payment and the subsequent monitoring of outcomes.

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Grant Management for UK Charities

Grant Management software

Benefactor is a fully featured grant management system designed specifically for grant-making charities.

Currently used by over 100 grant-making organisations across the U.K, Benefactor was created with the sole purpose of aiding non profit organisations with all their Grant Administrative tasks.

With seamless links to the internet, applicants can fill in their applications online and the data can be downloaded directly into the database, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

The whole cycle from application through to payment and subsequent tracking is recorded on Benefactor's single database-packaged with the ability to send out mail merged or individual letters and emails, keeping everyone in the process informed at a fraction of the administrative time.

The software includes a full range of modules providing extensive functionality, including online applications and the flexibility to tailor the system to meet individual organisational requirements.

Grant Management for UK Charities


Benefactor can help your organisation to deliver more of your mission, making a more measurable impact.

One system can track and manage whatever information you, your staff, clients and funders need. Benefactor manages service delivery across multiple programmes, agencies and locations and delivers comprehensive outcomes management information.

Benefactor streamlines administration and creates significant advantages for the grant maker. It controls all aspects of the funding procedure reducing time spent on processing by 90%.

Straightforward to understand and implement, Benefactor will have minimal impact on your IT department including options of being hosted on our own secure server.

Highly configurable-you can easily make changes to your process' and customise the "look and feel" of your organisation's branding, logo and colour scheme.

Quickly produce Board-ready, exportable summary reports - built intuitively and in a variety of formats.

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Benefactor-The Beginning

Benefactor was developed by a team led by the Gallery Partnership's Founder and Managing Director, Mark Kemp

In 1994, Mark was working for the National Lottery Charities Board and had the idea of creating software in order to aid Grant Makers in managing their own needs.

After a lot of code writing, listening and understanding what issues current grant makers were facing, 'Benefactor' was born and has since been continuously developed in line with the needs of Grant organisations and trustees.

The Gallery Partnership ensures Benefactor clients have regular User Group meetings allowing clients to network with other Grant Making organisations.

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Grant Management Software

Choosing the right Grant Management Software is not an easy decision and there are several factors to consider

  • Security & Compliance including GDPR regulations
  • Accessibility, Ease & Speed of use
  • Availability & quality of system documentation
  • Length and cost of technical support  
  • Backup and Recovery - Scalability
  • Integration with current programmes

Rest assured, the Gallery Partnership have considered all these factors when developing Benefactor.

Our expert team works with each client during the build and implementation to configure Benefactor for individual organisational needs. Once the training process is completed, your 'System Administrators' will have all the skills to configure Benefactor in the future, as necessary. 

“The amount of service they provide for ourselves and all of our charities has been fantastic. We know bad support and it was such a pleasure to start working with someone who actually cares if your internet is working or not and someone who takes the time to explain that language known as ‘IT’.”
Evelyn Cook
Third Sector Centres