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Improve the Way You Measure Impact

Power real-time visualisations and 
dashboards directly from Apricot. 

Are you looking for an easier way to understand your impact, evaluate performance and create transparency with funders & stakeholders?

We've partnered with Trust Impact to help you select and stream your data directly from Apricot, creating live impact dashboards. No more manually crunching data for reports, or re-entering the same data into multiple platforms. 

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Bringing your impact story to life has never been easier

Using live data means you can make decisions in real-time and see the difference you are making instantly, rather than waiting months or years for retrospective reports. Save time, money and resources while being in complete control of your data. 

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We'll share with you how to bring your impact story to life, whilst building trust and transparency with your funders through informative data visualisations. 

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How it Works

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Using your Apricot database, the team at Trust Impact help you select the information you wish to share, along with linking to any other CRM, live government or public data and connect to their platform - ConnectMixShare, resulting in beautifully presented live data visualistions and powerful reports which can be streamed back to your dashboard or website, send automated surveys, issue alerts and share transparent analysis with your stakeholders and funders.


Continue using Apricot as you always have.  



 There is no need to change your database or re-enter the same data multiple times. ConnectMixShare links directly with Apricot and you decide what data you want to use and where to share it.

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Auto-sync data using Connect Mix Share

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ConnectMixShare helps you easily use and share your data in a safe and secure way. Once connected and shared, you can sit back and let Connect Mix Share stream the data automatically.

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Live Data Visualisation You Can Share



Trust Impact can help you create beautiful data visualisations making retrospective evaluation a thing of the past as you use real-time data to understand your impact and performance.

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“We needed a really clear way to show the difference we were making with problem gamblers through our support services. We worked with Trust Impact to help clarify the impact we wanted to make and collect the data in the most straightforward way. They helped us use our Apricot database to set up an automated questionnaire which is emailed directly to the people we work with. The answers that come back are shown live on a bespoke data visualisation that Trust Impact created for us. The whole thing works seamlessly and shows the difference we are making in real-time rather than waiting months to evaluate impact retrospectively. We’ve already successfully used the visualisation to raise more funding from key stakeholders, and inform how we run our services”
Matthew Hickey, CEO
Gordon Moody



Gordon Moody Questionairre Dashboard
Gordon Moody Questionairre Dashboard

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Understand Your Impact & Performance

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Live data visualisation enables you to filter your data to analyse impact on specific beneficiary demographics, geographies or over different timescales. This makes performance monitoring much easier with everyone seeing the same information internally, leading to a more transparent culture.

Compare & Benchmark With Others

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Mix your data with external data sources to compare and benchmark your work with others in real time. Connect Mix Share can link your data with a range of external data including Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) as well as validated wellbeing questionnaires like WEMWBS or ONS allowing you to compare your results live. 

Transparency with Funders & Stakeholders

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Share your data visualisations directly with your funders, consortium members or other stakeholders rather than spending days compiling reports. Sharing live data visualisations develops a more transparent relationship with funders and stakeholders from the outset.

Reduce Administration Time & Resources

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Automated data visualisations can free up valuable resources for your organisations. Live data streaming means there is no need to spend days each month compiling manual reports. Instead, why not free your team to focus on more in-depth research, or other activities.