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Engage your audiences. Drive conversions. Build your brand.

Expertly designed, secure and fully integrated websites - developed by the charity specialists at Gallery Partnership.

Your website is the backbone of your charity and the heart of your digital strategy. We will work with you to build an online presence that works for your organisation – now and in the future.

Whether you need an expertly designed enterprise website or full integration with a customer relationship management system, we can help.

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Customised Design & Build

We'll never offer a generic or "off the shelf" design with technical limitations. Our expert architects work with you to design and build a website specific for your requirements, budget and within a timeline that suits. 


Manage Your Content

Our clients love the ability to control and manage content and structure across their websites.

We provide all the necessary training to equip you with the knowledge required to add, amend or edit, so you can always keep your site content fresh and relevant - resulting in higher search rankings.

Reliability & Security

We understand the need for a reliable secure website - which is why we invest in only the most durable and resilient cloud hosting options including a 99% uptime guarantee.

We take care of all the critical backup's and disaster recovery so your data is safe and retrievable, even in a "worse-case" scenario. 

CRM Integration

Centralise your communciations, manage online donations, memberships, sales and volunteers - all from one place by integrating our solution of a combined personalised website and customer relationship manager. 

Based on CiviCRM,  used by over 10,000 non-profits worldwide, our clients love the ability to engage more regularly and effectively with their customer base while enhancing their fundraising capabilities.

Set Up an Online Shop

With the high street in decline and rents increasing year on year, reduce outgoing costs by setting up a shop online. As part of your website build, we can develop an e-commerce store, enabling you to enhance your fundraising capabilities and expand your reach.

Social Media Integration

Increase traffic to your social channels resulting in more followers, increased engagement and promoting your brand across various different platforms with social media integration within your website.

Showcase your live twitter feed, encourage visitors to share content and publicise events and campaigns from one central location.

Scalable & Flexible Interface

Our website solutions are built from Drupal, one of the most secure content management systems in the world.

Drupal is used by a large number of organisations that have sensitive data such as the White House, UNESCO and Tesla Motors, due to it's substantial functionality and flexibility.


Data & Analytics

We'll include your choice of analytics within the build of your website, so you can track engagement and gain valuable insight of your visitors interactions, helping you plan the success of your online presence.

Expert Consultancy, Training & Support

We understand each organisation is unique and work collaboratively with you to provide the most cost-effective solution that fits with your exact requirements.  We include full training to get you up and running, while providing a live help desk for any additional support.

I've had a good look at the website and really think it's the one of the best I've seen. Attractive layout, very clear typography, all the information that anyone could want- easily accessible. I feel that if I were a prospective applicant I would be able to deal with the process without any problem, unlike so many websites which just drive one round the bend
Idlewild Trust