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If you’re a small or medium-sized organisation with personal computers, printers and on-premise or cloud-based servers, you probably need to retain one or two dedicated members of staff and spend upwards of £60,000 a year to manage your IT in-house.

Outsourcing your IT Support to Gallery Partnership can prove highly beneficial, reducing your support costs at the same time as giving you access to a wider range of expertise. 

Outsourcing to Gallery Partnership means that our clients can spend more of their resources on what matters most, as well as improving the calibre, quality and reliability of their information infrastructure.

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Support Service


Gallery’s comprehensive support service caters for organisations with no in-house IT skills. With our experts at your disposal, you effectively have an entire IT team able to meet your needs at a fraction of the cost of employing even one IT professional.

Our clients benefit from the following key services:

You immediately benefit from having an entire IT department on hand, with far more experience and skills than a single IT professional can provide.

Working with Gallery is the perfect solution for organisations needing to reduce their operating costs yet gain the abilities of a comprehensive IT department.

We take complete responsibility for our customer's overall IT requirements providing the following key services:

  •  Proactive monitoring of all system components
  •  Scheduled maintenance visits
  •  Out of hours patching and updating
  •  Unlimited telephone, email and remote control support during office hours
  •  Management of day-to-day IT administration
  •  Long-term strategic advice
  • IT security consultancy
Support Service


Gallery’s Collaborative support service caters for organisations possessing basic in-house IT skills but needing additional support on an ad-hoc or regular basis. 

Our collaborative support clients benefit from the following key services:

  • Holiday and sickness cover
  • Helpdesk support for complex issues
  • Assistance with office moves and infrastructure enhancements
  • Strategic advice and consultancy

We’re happy to tailor our collaborative service to meet your needs and budget!


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For most organisations, there are times when an IT expert is needed on-site

If you have a major IT problem that we can’t fix remotely, Gallery will get an expert out to your office within the hour (in London). We also provide regular scheduled site visits, and if you need additional site visits for any reason – perhaps to set up new computers – that’s not a problem.

Planning Effectively

We provide clients with an annual on-site strategy meeting. This provides the opportunity to discuss future IT needs and cost-effective strategies for meeting these needs.

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Gallery staff are experts in computer network management

But what is a computer network? Simply put, it’s a group of personal computers, printers and servers (which are really just powerful computers) that are linked together through communication channels to enable interaction and resource sharing among a wide range of users.

Network management services include:

  • Performance and security monitoring
  • Fault analysis
  • Set up of networks to provide new services to users
  • Addition of devices to networks
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Information is one of any organisation’s most valuable assets. It is vital that organisations back their data up on a regular basis.

A spilt cuppa crashes a computer’s operating system, data is corrupted by a hardware problem, or even if on-premise servers are destroyed by flood or fire, all is not lost.

Gallery Partnership can provide a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery service, tailored to meet your organisation’s needs, whether you have on-premise or cloud-based systems, or even a mix of both. You can rest assured that your system and its data are secure and resilient.

“The Gallery Partnership is a rarity, offering a ‘can-do’, personalised, user-friendly service at a truly competitive price. They, unlike so many other IT companies, do not let technology rule a brief or hamper the objectives – nor do they hide behind geek speak. I have absolute confidence in them.”
Cheryl Chapman
Philanthropy UK