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IT Support

Reliable, secure IT has never been more critical for Charities. The shift to digital in the way Charities operate and communicate over recent years has added to an already pressurised environment for many.

With our experts at your disposal, you'll immediately benefit from having an entire IT department on hand. 

Whether you're looking for remote working solutions; to move your entire services to the cloud; improve communication within your team, relocate or simply lower your IT support costs - we can help.

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Take advantage of our special discounted offer and help you charity connect more easily with VoIP phone systems from just £12.50 per user per month

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Live Helpdesk

Our expert technicians offer a live helpdesk to answer all your IT requests, from performing basic troubleshooting to resolving more complex enquiries, such as email migration, server upgrades and Microsoft Azure sponsorship renewals.

If there is any issue that cannot be resolved remotely, we'll arrange an engineer to come to you.

24/7 Monitoring

Our continuous performance and security monitoring powered by Solar Winds N-Central allows us to fix faults, detect suspicious behaviour and prevent unauthorized system changes within your network infrastructure.

As part of our service to you, we'll add, remove and connect new devices and users upon request keeping your organisation seamlessly connected.

Cloud Computing

We build and manage virtual remote desktop servers using Microsoft Azure, so that our clients can access their files and folders, databases, finance software and the Microsoft Office suite of apps from anywhere at any time.

Our deployment of Azure includes single sign-on and multi-factor authentication, making it easier, faster and safer to manage employee access and prevent 99.9% of cyber-attacks. 


Finding a strong, reliable and most importantly secure connection can be a painful experience. We relieve the pressure for organisations by sourcing the ideal broadband provider, installing robust firewalls and providing the option of setting up WIFI access points, so your organisation can stay connected - even when apart.

IT Consultancy

Our expert consultancy brought to you through our skilled technicians, dedicated account managers and experience within the charity sector will aid your organisation through evaluating and planning your IT strategy in line with your overall mission.

We'll never offer a solution that is over your budget or too complex for your needs. 

Virtual CTO

Our Virtual CTO service provides charities with an affordable way to manage their digital strategy without the added expense of hiring in-house. 

We provide a proactive, strategic director who will take full responsibility and accountability to develop, implement and oversea technology within your organisation.

Hosted Telephony Solutions

The traditional landline option no longer works for the modern way of working and is rapidly being replaced by VOIP (Voice over IP) the latest and more sophisticated form of business telephony.

With inflation busting costs threatening a sector already facing financial instability, we've partnered with Fidelity to offer charities an exclusive discount on Horizon hosted telephony licences. From just £12.50 per user, you'll benefit from higher call quality, mobile & Microsoft Teams integration, number retention and 24/7 support.

Mobile Device Management

With flexible working becoming the norm, the increase of using personal devices to connect to your organisation's network creates a greater risk to accessing sensitive data.

We can define comprehensive policies that only allow the right people under the right conditions to access your company files, ensuring that data stays protected within Office and other mobile apps. If a device is lost or stolen, we can remotely wipe the device to remove confidential business information.

Procurement & Remote Deployment

We partner with HP and DELL, amongst others, to provide industry leading hardware, delivered to your chosen address. 

Our zero-touch, remote deployment and configuration of new laptops and other mobile devices - including the deployment of software and security features, using Autopilot and Microsoft Intune, allows us to manage and configure devices in a secure and standardised way, with minimal interaction with the user.

Hassle Free Office Moves

We take the stress out of relocating. We guarantee that we will get your business up and running with minimal downtime

If you're looking to move offices or downsize, we'll be on hand to advise on prospective locations, relocate and reconfigure your network and hardware. We can even recommend cabling providers to outfit your new office and procure new equipment, which we'll set up remotely and deliver straight to your door - ready to use.

Back Up & Disaster Recovery

We provide a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery service, including advising on business continuity plans, ensuring your operations are not severely impacted in a worst case scenario and that your data is protected and, most importantly, retrievable and useable.

Remote Working Solutions

We provide a wide variety of remote working solutions specific to the charity sector, with a focus on unified communicationscollaboration and increasing productivity.

Our Microsoft Silver Partnership means our clients receive discounted licensing and advanced technical support to keep their operations running smoothly.


I wanted to express my happiness to have Gallery as our external support supplier. We are very pleased with the support provided. The "can do" attitude of them is much appreciated I would definitely recommend Gallery to the network of clients I know."
Peyman Aleboyah, IT and Database Manager