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Having a full time IT Support service at your disposal doesn't have to be expensive. Generally it's far cheaper than employing in-house IT staff.

You immediately benefit from having an entire IT department on hand, with far more experience and skills than a single IT professional can provide.

Working with Gallery is the perfect solution for organisations needing to reduce their operating costs, yet gain the abilities of a complete IT department.

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Clients come to us for specific services such as proactive network monitoring,disaster recovery or data security, whilst others see us as an additional, flexible resource, working in partnership with and supplementing the in-house IT support team.

We are happy to build a service that suits particular needs and budget. Our flexibility is one of our strengths so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you think we can help.

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One fact is indisputable - the use of information and the technology to support it changes at an extremely rapid pace.

All organisations require servers (which are really just powerful computers) for some things, whether it be to deliver data to another computer over a local network, manage the sending and receiving of email, store data, files, and programs, or support user login and printing. 

A "Serverless Infrastructure" really means using cloud-based servers to fulfill functions traditionally managed by the servers.

Having a Partner whose role is to keep you up to date, listen to your needs, propose alternatives and then deliver the agreed solutions, will ensure that your organisational productivity is kept at an optimum level.

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Networks have changed the way that society operates - you only need to think of companies like Google and Uber to realise how better ways of working can dramatically disrupt traditional processes.

Why shouldn't that be possible for your charitable organisation?

Gallery recommend Microsoft Azure for clients who want to move documents to the cloud but who are not yet ready, or who do not want to use the sophisticated document management capabilities available in OneDrive, SharePoint and Gallery’s own Charity ShareCentre.

Many of our clients have asked us to help them move to Azure. By helping you to adopt the latest technology and information management processes, Gallery Partnership can move your organisation forward too!

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  • Information is stored in highly secure data centres and encrypted at rest and in transit.
  • There’s no longer any risk of an on-premise hardware failure that can cause unrecoverable data loss and significant user downtime.
  • Information is backed up automatically without the need for, and expense of hard drives, couriers and off-site storage.
  • Capital expenditure is minimised, as there’s no need to buy, upgrade, maintain or increase the capacity of a physical server.
  • Users can access their data anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Microsoft offer significant discounts to clients, so ongoing costs are minimal.
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