International Stress Awareness Day - How Leaders Can Help Their Teams

International Stress Awareness Day - How Leaders Can Help Their Teams


November 3rd marks International Stress Awareness Day and the feeling of "buring out" affects many of those working within the charity sector.

We were really pleased to feature in Forbes Magazine where Oliver Grig, our Operations Director shared top tips of how technology can be useful to help charity leaders to manage stress better within their teams.

“The last year has taught organizations across the board that technology can help them overcome challenges, but it’s important that they couple this with integrating digital health to prevent ‘technostress’ from taking hold. 

Instant chat and productivity tools are useful to keep people connected, which helps to manage team stress. But Grig highlights that increased reliance on technology in the workplace can reinforce an ‘always on’ mentality if instant messaging services are constantly accessible and leaders are active at all hours, thereby exacerbating the stress of their team. If an organization is not able to purchase work laptops and phones for everyone, implementing remote desktops that require a login draws a more physical distinction and keeps work-related documents, messages and systems in a separate area after hours.”

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