Cyber Security Online Training

Cyber Security Online Training


Is Your Organisation Cyber Secure?

Financial Loss...Reputational Damage...Operational Downtime...Legal Action...

Can You Afford to Risk Any of These or Worse as a Result of Human Error?

Can you identify "smishing" from "phising"?

Could you tell the difference between a genuine "urgent email" from your boss and a scammer’s sophisticated fake?

Is your social media activity leaking sensitive data into the wrong hands?

Can you afford to risk a data breach?

95% of Cyber attacks can be prevented by a well-educated workforce. 

Train your “Human Firewall” from as little as £1.50 per staff member per month

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Drive Awareness, Protect Your Organisation

2020 was the busiest year on record for cyber crime, with a 20% surge as hackers took advantage of factors such as COVID-19 and remote working.

Protecting your business has never been easier with our online cyber security training, in partnership with USecure.

The training starts from just £1.50 per user, identifying your staff’s unique security blind spots and delivering individual training programmes to fill such knowledge gaps, ensuring data security compliance for your organisation.

Your business will receive:

  • Personalised employee training programmes
  • Video and interactive bite-size courses
  • Automated course enrolment
  • Automated course reminders
  • Weekly Manager Reports
  • Company-wide risk scoring and individual user progress reports

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Choosing the right security awareness training option isn't always easy.

The "off the shelf, one size fits all" doesn't work when each individual has different knowledge gaps, learning styles and working patterns.

Our handy 10-point checklist is designed to help you choose the right solution for your organisation.

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Cartoon image of a cyber thief stealing details via a phising method