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At Gallery Partnership, we are dedicated to supporting organisations in maximizing their impact and achieving their goals through the utilisation of Apricot Case Management Software. Trusted by over 10,000 non-profit, government, and charitable organizations worldwide, Apricot is renowned for its best-in-class features, providing unparalleled flexibility and delivering significant efficiency savings for our clients.

By harnessing the power of Apricot, our clients gain a competitive edge in securing future funding and support for their members. We understand the unique needs of each organization we work with, and our experienced team leverages almost a decade of Apricot implementation knowledge to deliver a customized system tailored to your specific requirements. We provide personalised training and offer ongoing support post-delivery, ensuring your organisation continues to thrive and adapt as your needs evolve.

When you partner with Gallery Partnership, you can trust that you are working with the leading distributor of Apricot Case Management Software in the UK.

Why Choose Apricot Case Management Software?

Our clients report a 40% reduction in time compiling reports and 35% less time spent managing data

Centralise Client Data, Service Delivery & Activity Tracking.
Customise your own way of working with Apricot’s fully configurable interface.
Automate workflows to free up administration time and improve Data Integrity.
Eliminate duplicate data entry, link records, schedule appointments and customise your programmes with intuitive form logic.
Synchronise multiple programs and make informed decisions with detailed analysis from one central platform.
Produce powerful Data Visualisations and Reports in Minutes to help improve communication with stakeholders and funders.
Differentiate and empower your organisation with hard-hitting facts to accelerate social change.
Minimise risk with built in security controls such as user-based permissions, multi-factor authentication and data stored on “best-in-class” Amazon web servers.

Apricot Case Management Features:

Recent Case Management Testimonials


“Through using Apricot, there is a significant beneficial difference throughout the organisation, whereby individual projects are able to report on their own progress and managers have the ability to look at the wider picture; all obtainable from one source.”

Sarah Warren, Learning Officer, Ageing Well Torbay

“We used to have to make do with what we could get rather than thinking it through from the beginning, in terms of how the data entry was structured and entered. Now we can be confident in the information we are getting out of the system and have full control of building reports.”

Joel Carter, Programmes Director, Just for Kids Law

“Normally, our applications have a long lead time and take quite a lot of time to prepare; however, being able to provide evidence in a short time frame for our fundraising marketing team has been really important. We’ve been so impressed with how quickly we have been able to gather this information.”

Louise Kermode, Head of Services
Recent Case Management Case Studies
Torbay Community Development Trust

“The level of support has been outstanding from the team at Gallery, I am very satisfied with the swift response to any queries I have had. I know that I can always call or email and will get a reply straightaway.”

Sarah Warren, AWT Learning Officer

Building a Bespoke Management System

“We needed a system that could be accessed from anywhere, not just from our own servers. Increasingly, our organisation needed to be able to access files and documents in the Cloud, from wherever they were based, easily and quickly, on laptops, tablets, and mobile phones – Refugee Action often operates nowadays from the middle of nowhere! This is one of the key benefits we identified which Apricot upheld….we needed this access without compromising security whilst maintaining the highest quality standards, including data protection and GDPR requirements….”.

Ali Jasim, National Facilities Manager, Refugee Action

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