Grant Management Software for Charities

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Grant Management

Managing multiple grant applications remotely or in the office needn't be stressful or time consuming.

That's why over 100 UK organisations use and recommend Benefactor Grant Management Software.

Specifically built for grant making organisations, Benefactor controls all aspects of the funding process, from initial request, through assessment and recommendations, to authorisation, payment and monitoring outcomes.

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Online Applications

Data is directly downloaded into the database using online applications, eliminating the need for manual entry.

Choose from a range of built in templates or customise  your own, matching to your organisation's "look and feel."

Eligibility Checking

Create your own eligibility checks for the applicants to complete and eliminate ineligible applications that waste both the applicants time and yours.

Interactive Location Mapping

Show grant recipients (privately or publicly) on an interactive map, with filtering options such as by region, grant programme and award amount.

Online Reports

Generate board-ready exportable reports in minutes with Benefactor's online dynamic reporting.

From Trustee papers to grantee monitoring and outcomes reporting, you can access it all from anywhere at any time - complete with the latest data.

Built in templates for letters and emails

Standardise letters and emails using built in templates. Customise according to your organisation's brand and use Benefactor's bulk mailing functionality to reduce the burden of administration. 

Payment Tracking

Benefactors sophisticated payment tracking enables users to have complete visibility of previous and scheduled payments along with date paid.

Produce bank compatible reports ready to upload into online banking while controlling budgets and cash flow from one single application.

Expert Consultancy and Training

With over 20 years working with Grant Making organisations, our expert consultancy and training will provide you with all the guidance and knowledge required to get you "up and running" with a tailored system to suit your organisation's requirements, budget and timescales.

Comprehensive Support

We provide full comprehensive support from initial enquiry through to post implementation and beyond. Our friendly team are experts in their field and understand the importance of a reliable, secure and accessible solution.

We respond and resolve all support enquiries within 24 hours, prioritising urgent queries with a turnaround time of 30 minutes.

Dashboard Overview

Benefactor offers a complete overview of applications and grants including payments, outstanding items, application stages and programmes on a personalised dashboard, tailored to your way of working, accessible from the home screen.


A key point for me is that Gallery works with other grant-making charities. They know what sorts of processes we all go through, even though we are all different. Now I can generate a report from Benefactor of all the pending grant awards so that Trustees can review and respond to me with decisions or questions. We have been making more grants recently and it is much more efficient and secure with Benefactor.
Eleanor Sturdy | Secretary to Trustees
St Pancras Welfare Trust