Cyber Security

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Cyber Security

With flexible and remote working now the norm, it is crucial all charities and their employees are alert and reduce the risks of a data breach.

Our focus on providing you best-in-class Cyber and Data Security consultancy, along with our industry leading remote monitoring & management software, allows us to keep your organisations risk at the absolute minimum -without impacting your workflow.

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Cyber Security has become a hot topic over recent years - and for good reason. Nearly all organisations have moved their business practices online and charities specifically store a large amount of personal data - making them a primary target for cybercriminals.

We've partnered with Cyber Tec Security to assist charities to achieve the government backed Cyber Essentials  and Cyber Essentials+ certification - proven to reduce your risk of a cyber attack by 80%

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Patch Management

With software continually improving and evolving, "patching" and updates are imperative to fix bugs which can cause glitches, impact speed or make your software vulnerable to dangerous malware attacks. 

Using patch management software from  Solar Winds we can schedule automated scans which provide a general "health- check" of your entire network environment, detecting and fixing potential issues before they occur, so you can work as normal - without any nasty surprises.

Remote Monitoring & Management

Charities are relying on technology more than ever to distribute and manage their essential services.

We ensure your entire network infrastructure is kept in "tip-top" condition through 24/7 sophisticated remote monitoring which allows us to manage the performance and security of your network, deploy automated bulk back-ups  and prevent unauthorized system changes, allowing you to maximise efficiency with the reassurance your data is secure.

Online Cyber Security Staff Training

With over 95% of data breaches being a result of human error, educating staff is the most effective way to keeping your organisation’s data safe online.

Our Cyber Security online training, in partnership with USecureidentifies your staff’s unique security blind spots and delivers individual, ongoing online training to fill those knowledge gaps, arming your organisation with a "Human Firewall."

Mobile Device Management

The growth of mobile has allowed organisations to promote more flexible working and increase productivity. However, an insecure WIFI connection or a stolen device can lead to an open invitation for cyber criminals to access confidential information.

We can help define comprehensive policies that only allow the right people under the right conditions to access your company data; completely wipe devices that get lost or stolen and revoke access from ex-employees - giving you peace of mind that your data is kept secure and that your staff can work freely and efficiently.

Advanced AntiVirus

Malware is one of the most common forms of cyber-attack which is why it's crucial that your equipment has the very latest antivirus software installed.

Our advanced antivirus Webroot , which is cloud managed and cloud deployed, is not only 3.5 times faster than most competitors, it provides 24/7 monitoring of threats & global updates, providing instant protection from new threats and infection remediation. What does this mean for you? It enables infected files to be returned to their original state in the event of a worst case scenario!.

Security Hardware

Protect your network traffic and keep your data secure while providing your team the flexibility to work from any location.

We've teamed up with the very best in the business for security hardware - Cisco Meraki to bring you a selection of solutions including secure "always on" VPN's, wireless routers and regular remote troubleshooting for employee connectivity and applications. 

Cyber Security Consultation


We’ve partnered with Crest-Certified security specialists, Ziptech. With our knowledge of working within the charity sector and their expertise within Cyber Security, we can offer comprehensive security consultancy tailored to your individual business needs.

Our robust checklist of security requirements, will equip you and your staff with the tools and knowledge needed to ensure your organisation remains safe while working in the cloud and vigilant to potential threats.


Cyber Essentials/+ Certification

Through our partnership with Cyber Tec, we offer an affordable way for your organisation to achieve certification from the Government-backed and industry-supported scheme - Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials +.

Developed and operated by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), Cyber Essentials is considered the best first step to a more secure network, protecting you from 80% of the most basic cyber security breaches.

You can opt for the foundation level Cyber Essentials or the higher-level Cyber Essentials Plus, enabling your organisation by implementing low-cost cyber security measures to showcase its security credentials. We provide a qualified engineer to ensure your controls meet the standard required to achieve a first time pass.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Proven to be 99% effective from hackers, multi-factor authentication is one of the easiest ways to protect sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. Our team will help you set this up across your organisation, strengthening your business’ security practices and preventing unauthorised access.