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Stay Cyber Secure at Work – Best Practice Guide

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Staying safe whilst working online may seem obvious, yet it is easy to overlook the areas we put ourselves at risk. Following some basic principles will help you and your organisation stay protected

  • Keep all devices password protected.
  • Choose passwords with at least twelve characters and avoid information that can be easily guessed e.g., birthdays. Longer, simpler passwords are stronger than shorter ‘more complicated’ ones. 3/4 random words stuck together make an incredibly hard password to break.
  • Mulit-Factor Authentication is advised for as many systems as possible.
  • Do not leave passwords in publicly available places (such as sticky notes on desks, with laptops, etc.)
  • Do not send bank/credit card details via email.
  • Do not give security information (such as passwords, personal information, etc.) to third parties, particularly over the phone.
  • Do not leave laptops or electronic devices unsupervised in public places and keep devices in secure storage when left in the office or at home.
  • Do not open documents or click links in emails received from unknown sources.
  • Do not use a link provided in an email to access any internet account (e.g., O365, Amazon, social media, etc.)
  • Limit information you put on social media website (birthdates, anniversaries, addresses, phone numbers). Personal information can be used by hackers.
  • Lock your machine whenever you leave it unattended.
  • Do not download and run programs from untrusted sites – look for the secured lock in the address bar.
  • Log into company accounts and systems through secure, private networks only.