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Guarding Against Cyber Threats: 5 Common Attacks to Be Cautious Of

In today’s digital age, cyberattacks are a constant threat that cannot always be predicted or completely averted. However, being informed and adept at recognising such attacks can prove invaluable in safeguarding your valuable data. Astonishingly, statistics reveal that a cyberattack occurs every 39 seconds, with 43% of these attacks targeting small businesses, incurring billions in […]

Stay Cyber Secure at Work – Best Practice Guide

Staying safe whilst working online may seem obvious, yet it is easy to overlook the areas we put ourselves at risk. Following some basic principles will help you and your organisation stay protected Keep all devices password protected. Choose passwords with at least twelve characters and avoid information that can be easily guessed e.g., birthdays. […]

A Lifeline in Times of Hardship: Balancing Immediate Needs with Long-Term Goals

The COVID-19 pandemic put grant-making organisations firmly in the spotlight. We witnessed unprecedented, coordinated responses that highlighted just how vital your work is during times of crisis. But now we enter a new crisis, with little light at the end of the tunnel. Here, we discuss how the cost of living crisis is affecting grant-making […]

Mental Health Charities Can Lead the Way in Tackling Technostress at Work

As mental health charities face an unprecedented surge in demand for services, are they in danger of ignoring the growing threat to their own wellbeing?  If we are to believe the news, there is light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel. But for mental health charities, the crisis is far from over. Demand for […]

Online Service Delivery is Here to Stay for Mental Health Charities

What began out of necessity is now a long-term strategy for many mental health charities. But you don’t need to invest huge sums to make it successful. The tools you need are already out there. The COVID-19 pandemic left mental health charities with no choice but to adapt. While larger charities scrambled to develop impressive […]