IT for Mental Health Charities


IT for Mental Health Charities

Here at Gallery Partnership, we understand the challenges facing Mental Health charities - finding the right IT partner shouldn't be one of them. 

We provide an entire suite of affordable IT services and software systems, empowering charities to focus on what’s most important - their cause. Our experience and approach, tailored to your budget and schedule is reflected in the large number of customers who trust us to deliver robust, secure solutions. By future proofing their IT, we help them achieve their overall mission and goals. 

Our services center around improving productivity and communication, allowing greater visibility of your impact and keeping your data secure

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Outcomes & Impact Monitoring

Case Management Software

Apricot Case Management Software on multiple devices


With 1 in 4 people experiencing mental health issues each year and the majority of services now being delivered remotely, charities require a central database which will grow with their organisation and is accessible at any time, from any location.

Our Case Management software – Apricot, is an intuitive, scalable, web-based case management system. From one centralized database, you can improve data integrity, optimize your programmes and share your impact, helping you to differentiate your organisation, win funding, refine your projects and plan new ones.

Our clients love Apricot's flexible interface for its customisability and real-time reporting, rather than being restricted by prescribed workflows.

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Cloud Collaborative Software

Remote Working Solutions

Charity ShareCentre library hub and calendar


Now many charities are working entirely remotely or adopting a "hybrid" approach to returning to the office, good communication and collaboration can be a challenge.

With optimised deployment of Microsoft 365 alongside our wide range of remote working solutions, we ensure your charity is equipped with the right toolset to work productively, securely and with the ability to collaborate seamlessly.

As Microsoft Silver Partners, our expertise with apps such as Teams will enable you to call, chat and meet to manage departments and projects. Our special configuration of SharePointCharity ShareCentre, is an advanced file storage solution which enables you to share documents securely both internally and externally, no matter where you’re working.

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Navigating the Minefield of IT

Network Services

Male and Female technicians working on a server


Online service delivery and remote working is here to stay. The pandemic has paved a new way charities work, but navigating through the minefield of IT and constantly evolving technology can be a challenge.

We take the hard work out of sourcing the right IT for your organisation, including hardware, deployment and ongoing maintenance. By building and managing virtual remote desktop servers using Microsoft Azure, every member of your team can access their files anytime, from any location, allowing complete flexibility of how and when you work.

We understand how crucial it is that you have a reliable, secure network infrastructure which is managed proactively. Our 24/7 remote monitoring allows us to manage the performance and security of your network, deploy automated bulk back-ups  and prevent unauthorized system changes.

With our experts at your disposal, you'll immediately benefit from having an entire IT department on hand, plus our live helpdesk is available to answer all your IT requests from basic troubleshooting to more complex enquiries.

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Protect Your Data, Protect Your Business

Cyber Security

Man accessing online security training around the subject of phishing emails.png


Working with sensitive data everyday makes you a prime target for cyber thieves. Financial loss, reputational damage, operational downtime, legal action - all of these are potential issues should your charity incur a data breach.

Alarmingly 95% of cyber attacks are a result of human error. We can help you train your "human firewall" from as little as £1.50 per month with our online security training, which identifies your staff’s unique security blind spots and delivers individual training programmes to fill such knowledge gaps, ensuring data security compliance for your organisation.

We work with you to define comprehensive BYOD policies, that educate your staff and only allow allocated staff members to access your company data. Our mobile device management ensures that lost or stolen devices are completely wiped and access revoked from ex-employees, giving you peace of mind that your data is kept secure, while still allowing your staff to work with flexibility.

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Future Proof Your IT

Virtual CTO Services

Hands coming out of a computer screen depicting the idea of a virtual handshake


Mental Health charities continually face a number of challenges which have amplified over the last 12 months. A heightened demand for services, shifting to online delivery, plus managing a drop in funding, are just some of the many pressures charities have battled with during such an uncertain time.

The last thing you want to be concerned about is managing your IT.

Our Virtual CTO service provides charities with an affordable way to manage their digital strategy without the added expense of hiring in-house. We provide a proactive, strategic director who will take full responsibility and accountability to develop, implement and oversee technology within your organisation. Our experts research ways the company's technological assets can be improved, customise new business processes to increase efficiency and constantly keep up-to-date with the latest technological advances.

We’ll help future-proof your IT, empowering you to take control of how and when you work.

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The Heart of Your Online Presence


UX Website design on a mobile and laptop


Your website is the central hub of all your digital activity. Not only does it share who you are and why you matter, charities are now relying on their websites more than ever for donations and showcasing their impact.  We will work with you to build an online presence that works for your organisation – now and in the future.

We'll never offer a generic or "off the shelf" design with technical limitations. Our expert architects work with you to design and build a website specific for your requirements, budget and within a timeline that suits.  Keeping your members engaged has never been easier, with our option of an integrated CRM within your website, helping you centralise communications and track donors. We can even develop an e-commerce store, enabling you to enhance your fundraising capabilities and expand your reach.

Our clients love the ability to control and manage their content, without external and costly intervention. We provide all the necessary training to equip you with the knowledge required to add, amend or edit, so you can always keep your site content fresh and relevant.

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