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Special Discounted Offer - Hosted Telephony Licences from Only £12.50 per User

Whether your charity is choosing to go back to the office, continuing to work remotely, or even adopting a hybrid approach, communication remains key to providing adequate outbound support for beneficiaries as well as connecting internal departments. The traditional landline option no longer works for the modern way of working and is rapidly being replaced by VOIP (Voice over IP) the latest and more sophisticated form of business telephony.

With inflation busting costs threatening a sector already facing financial instability, we've partnered with Fidelity to offer charities an exclusive discount on Horizon hosted telephony licences. From just £12.50 per user, you'll benefit from higher call quality, mobile & Microsoft Teams integration, number retention and 24/7 support.

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Why Your Charity Needs to Ditch the Landline & Move to VOIP

VoIP has proven to be a real game changer in the realm of telephony. With the need for speed, flexibility and scalability in modern society, landlines are becoming an outdated (and expensive) piece of technology, with cloud-based systems such as VOIP taking centre stage and fulfilling the job of unifying communications.

There are many reasons to move over to a VOIP telecom system, here we've rounded up the top 3.

Lower Monthly Costs 

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Since VoIP uses your internet to make and receive calls, you no longer have to rely on (or pay to maintain) conventional infrastructure, whereby costly fees are set by the provider and don't include additional features such as call waiting or long-distance calls - which are charged at a premium.

With VoIP you can select whichever plan suits your business needs. All  communications are covered by a simple, predictable monthly fee, inclusive of maintenance - typically 60% cheaper than the standard line rental. 


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Charities are continually evolving yet the traditional telephony system fails to grow with you, instead causing hassle and expense to relocate or simply add in a new line.

VoIP lets you adjust according to your needs, retaining your number, adding or removing lines, expanding into multiple locations, incorporating call forwarding and hunt groups, integrate your CRM and more. Whether you are expecting an increase of calls following a campaign or scaling up yor organisation, VOIP will provide you the flexibility to do just that and you'll only pay for the time you need it.

 Mobility & Flexibility

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The workplace is no longer a set location, the typical 9-5 a distant memory. Accessing work related information "on the go" regardless of location and device is now a necessity for most charities.

With VoIP you're not tied to any one physical handset or workstation. Employees can log in via Wi-Fi or simply tap an app on their mobile, providing them the flexibility that is crucial for organisations in the current age.

If your charity is looking for a simple way of reducing costs while improving communication and productivty, take advangtage of our exclusive offer. For just £12.50 per user, your charity will get the full benefits of VoIP, local engineers and 24/7 support, 365 days of the year. Don't miss out!

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